Zendulgence Hemp Gelato
• Vegan• 600 MG Omega-3 Per Serving
• Dairy-Free• Low-Glycemic Agave-Sweetened
• Gluten-Free• No Lactose or Soy Ingredients

Four zendulgent flavors ... and more to come!

Go ahead...Zendulge!

consumer raves!

       I am so happy to have Zendulgence in my life. Finally, a non-dairy, cow-friendly ice cream with amazing flavor!!! It is great to enjoy and know that all the cells in my body are enjoying it too."
With Gratitude,
— Lucas L., Washington, DC


       Zendulgence is creamy, rich, lick-the-back-of-your-spoon delicious. In a word, let's just say, Mmmmmmmm."
— Winifred R., Berkeley, CA

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