Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Zendulgence? Email me at and I will be glad to reply. Here are some frequently asked questions, and my answers!

1. How do you get Zendulgence to have such intense and pure flavor?

Thanks for the compliment! To flavor Zendulgence, I simply use real ingredients: Unsweetened chocolate, cacao powder, raspberries, hazelnuts, and peppermint oil. I don't believe in shortcuts to quality, or artificial flavors.


2. Do you use organic ingredients to make Zendulgence?

Almost all of my ingredients are organic, because I don't want to contribute to environmental degradation by supporting use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Also, of course, I want Zendulgence to be as healthy as it can be, so that you can feel great about eating it, often and in large quantities.

I haven't yet found an organic unsweetened chocolate that tastes GREAT. When I do, I will be very happy to use organic chocolate in Zendulgence. In the meantime, I console myself with the knowledge that chocolate, a delicate crop, is not heavily pesticided or chemically-fertilized.


3. Do you plan to sell Zendulgence outside of the Baltimore / Washington D.C. area?

Yes! If you live outside of the DC area, I hope you will soon be able to purchase Zendulgence at a store or restaurant near you. Because I live in Washington, and am starting up this business in Summer 2010, it will take some time for me to grow the business beyond my own neighborhood.


4. What other flavors are in the works?

I have some very, very zendulgent flavors in the works—but I don't want to spoil the surprise, so stay tuned!

And, feel free to suggest a flavor. Write me at


5. Why do you suggest softening Zendulgence in the refrigerator prior to eating it?

Gelato is best eaten when it is semi-frozen (practically melting!). As gelato becomes less frozen, it has a richer, creamier consistency and more intense flavor. I recommend softening in the refrigerator rather than on a counter because the refrigerator will give you a more uniform, gentle softening. When you leave a pint container on the counter, the gelato is likely to melt on the outside edges and stay frozen in the middle.


6. Where do you get hemp milk?

I make my own hemp milk, by grinding hemp seeds in water. I buy my hemp seeds from Canada, because it is illegal to grow hemp in the United States. Please visit my hemp page to learn how you can help legalize hemp farming in the United States, which would benefit American farmers, American farms, and the American economy.


7. How do you sweeten Zendulgence?

I sweeten Zendulgence only with organic agave syrup, a low-glycemic sweetener. Even the chocolate I use is unsweetened. Raspberries contain some naturally-occuring sugar, so they contribute some of the sweetness to Chocolate Raspberry Zendulgence.


8. I've heard that there is a debate over whether agave is "good" or "bad" for us. Can you tell me more?

My own extensive study of this question leads me to the conclusion that agave is certainly not bad for you. Here's a link to the best summary article I've read on this topic: The "Is Agave Bad For You" Fallacy. Incidentally, I use raw, organic agave from Organic Nectars in Zendulgence, though I do heat the agave in my own production process.


9. I've heard that the most nutritious part of the hazelnut is the skin. Do you leave the skins on your hazelnuts for the gianduja flavor?

I have read that hazelnut skins are high in antioxidants, so of course I leave them on. I'm really glad that they're great for you, because they are nearly impossible to remove from the hazelnut! The skins also contribute to the rich hazelnut flavor in my Gianduja Zendulgence.


10. Where does the word gianduja come from? How do you pronounce it?

Gianduja is the Italian word for a sweet chocolate containing hazelnut paste, invented in Turin in 1852. This delicious creation was named for Gianduja, a Carnival and marionette character.

Gianduja is easy to pronounce: John, do yah?


11. Can I get high from eating Zendulgence?

Many people tell me that they get a natural high from eating Zendulgence because it is so delicious, creamy, rich, and...zendulgent. But no, you will not get a chemical "high" from Zendulgence. While hemp is closely related to marijuana, it contains extremely low levels of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Consuming hemp products will not result in getting "high" or in a positive drug test. The hemp seeds we use are produced and processed in accordance with specifications.