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NBC Washington logo
Hemp Ice Creams Brings Foodies Zendulgence
A mild-mannered psychologist in Washington, D.C. has created a line of gelati using hemp. The planet-friendly crop, usually associated with rope and clothing, has been spun into a rich treat packed with nutrition.
NBC Channel 4, Washington DC
November 23, 2011


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Functional Ingredients Magazine selects ZENDULGENCE as one of the "Top 10 Functional Foods of 2011"!
Functional Ingredients Magazine
November 18, 2011 logo
Developing Just Desserts: Hemp gelato satisfies your sweet tooth, diet and social conscience
Washington Post Express
October 18, 2011


Stock up now: Top products from Expo East 2011
Natural Foods Merchandiser Names "Zendulgence" a Top Product
Natural Foods Merchandiser
October 14, 2011


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Hemp-based products trend at natural products show
Yahoo!® News
September 28, 2011


Heather Smith and Asher Radkowsky talking
How Foods Can Help Heal Our World
Natural Products Expo East interview with Asher Radkowsky, Zendulgence Founder/Creator Natural Products Expo East
September 2011


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Zendulgence: The Most Decadent of All Vegan Treats!
New Hope 360
September 26, 2011


Zendulgence Stars As A Trendsetter Product!
New Hope 360
September 24, 2011


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Natural Foods Merchandiser picks Zendulgence as a "Don't Miss" Product
New Hope 360
September 15, 2011


Washington Post logo
The Scene: D.C. Scoop keeps things cool and sweet
The Washington Post
August 26, 2011


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Becoming a Vegan-Gelato Artisan
PETA Prime
May 3, 2011


Ananda Leeke interviews entrepreneur Asher Radkowsky, founder of Zendulgence, an amazing vegan hemp gelato
Ananda Leeke on
December 4, 2010


Zendulgence Hemp Gelato: DC Debut!
November 20, 2010





Articles and blog posts by Asher Radkowsky

My Quest for Healthy Ice Cream: Becoming a Vegan Gelato Artisan
November 5, 2010